Recent Project: RitualCup Logo

RitualCup, a coffee supplier in Nampa Idaho, wanted to take their young business to the next level with a professional, engaging new logo. The owner approached me to help create a design that would grab attention, stand out from the crowd of other coffee shops and suppliers, and have a memorable and lasting impact on his audience. He also specifically … Read More

Recent Project: Team SCS Branding

Team SCS Logo

Over the past several months I have helped brand Team SCS, a local realty team here in Sonoma County. The three realtors forming the team wanted a professional brand image that focused solely on their names, and portrayed their values of trustworthiness and establishment. Their brand package included a logo design that is unique to the team, but also fits with the branding of the realty company … Read More

Video Series Part 2 | Raster vs. Vector — What’s the Difference?

As a small business owner, you will likely find yourself working with logo files, web graphics and print layouts on a regular basic. It’s therefore important to understand the different types of files, color codes and graphic formats so you will know how best to you them. Not all file types and color codes are created equal, and not all … Read More

Video Series Part 1 | What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

Video Series Part 1 | What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

This is the first of what I’m hoping will be on ongoing series of short videos on the topics of design, branding, color usage and more. This series is specifically intended to help small businesses use design and branding elements to help propel themselves forward.