Recent Project: Virtual Advisor App Design

Virtual Advisor App Design

Virtual Advisor produces educational video workshops that provide individuals with relevant business advice. Companies such as VISA and Capital One use VA’s materials to educate their clients and make business and financial information easily available to them. With smartphones and tablets taking key places on the market, Virtual Advisor decided it was time to go mobile. They wanted an app to make their viewing platform … Read More

The ETHER Transmitter Is Now Live On IndieGoGo!

ETHER Transmitter and Wireless Charging Case

The ETHER Transmitter by ETHER Electronics is the first low-latency pro-audio all-in-one bluetooth 1/4″ adapter. It lets users instantly share wireless audio with any bluetooth capable earbuds, headphones or speakers. This is what the DJ community has been waiting for. “We noticed an ongoing trend of wired headphones in the DJ community, then thought amongst ourselves, “There has to be … Read More

Recent Project: Soul Candy Jewelry

Soul Candy Jewelry

Soul Candy Jewelry specializes in crafting artisan earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The pieces are worked mostly from wood, gems, beads and various metals and have a bohemian, eclectic style with some ethnic influences. The jewelry design is inspired by a love of travel and cultures, and features a variety of pieces that are both quirky and elegant. Soul Candy … Read More

Fresh Color Palette Inspiration for Your Next Project

Summer is a great time for working on projects! Whether you’re designing flyers, putting together event invitations, or painting your house— having a color palette in mind is always helpful. Take a look at some of these nature-inspired color schemes for ideas on your next project. 1. Mountain Tones 2. Sonoma County Spring 3. Autumn Day 4.Coastal Blues 5. Vibrant … Read More

PILOT Client Story

PILOT Launch

PILOT is a NYC based company aimed at helping people command their careers and improve satisfaction in the workplace. The company brings career coaching, previously only available through one-on-one sessions, to individuals in a convenient and easy-to-use platform. Their goal is to use focused, real-world advice to empower individuals to invest in their careers and find fulfillment in their work … Read More

Recent Project: Branding for Ether Electronics


I’ve been busy working with a startup in LA, helping the company develop their branding, website, social accounts and implementing the new brand look and logo into their product designs. The company is still in pre-launch, but you can check out the freshly pressed website at More on the project and the design work coming soon!

Social Media Branding Templates

Social Media Branding Templates

It’s easy to forget about social profiles when creating your branding, but your social media presence (both personal and business pages) is often at the forefront of your public image. It’s how many people find your business, and where existing customers will continue to engage with your brand. I’ve compiled a series of templates to help with creating great social … Read More