3 Reasons Why Strong Branding Is So Important

Every business, big and small, international and local, benefits from strong branding. Why is branding so important?  1. Branding = How Clients Perceive You Branding is how your clients get to know your company. Not just your products or services, but who your company actually is. This is accomplished through visual and vocal branding. Your logo, color palette, website, and marketing … Read More

Recent Project: Complete Branding Package for Storms Chiropractic and Wellness

Storms New Logo Design

I began by crafting a new logo. My client wanted a logo that clearly showcased both aspects of the business, without being over-used or predictable. Overlapping leaves and an abstract spine worked well to give a fresh approach to both chiropractics and wellness, and we chose shades of blue and green to convey peace, health, and security.      After the logo was completed, I … Read More

Recent Project: Logo Design For Standard Hauling

Logo Design For Standard Hauling

I recently designed this logo for Standard Hauling, a trucking company based out of South Carolina. They wanted something simple yet bold to put on the sides of their company trucks. They also wanted the logo to subtly communicate progress and forward moments, which we accomplished through use of a series of upward arrows in the typeface and icon. You can … Read More

Recent Project: Logo Design for the Panyha Center

Panyha Center Sample Image

Earlier this year I had opportunity to work with the Panyha Foundation in Pinellas Park, FL, to help design a concept logo for the Panyha Center for the Aging. I was commissioned to create a logo concept which would serve both as the center’s logo during the early stages of development, as well as a representation of what the center itself would look line when … Read More

Mailer Designs for Sonoma West Medical Foundation

Mailer Designs for Sonoma West Medical Foundation

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the design team of Sonoma West Medical Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to improving the health status of all residents in Western Sonoma County. They support the community primarily through fundraising efforts, greater access to medical care, innovative health research, and community engagement. Since 2014, the main goal of the foundation … Read More

Logo Redesign for Autograph Live

Autograph Magazine Live! recently made the switch to Autograph Live. As part of the process, I was asked to update the logo and color scheme for the company. A streamlined design and bold, classic colors were the perfect fit for the company’s new look. Here’s a look at the Autograph logo before and after I redesigned it. You can also check out … Read More

Logo Update – Executive Structural Piering

I recently worked with Executive Structural Piering LLC to update their logo. The Colorado based company specializes in structural repairs and helical piering, and has repaired the foundations for many of the historic homes in the Denver Metro area. As the company has been in business since 1989, it was important for them to hold onto the brand recognition they have developed. Instead … Read More