3 Tips for Branding Your Etsy Shop

Etsy Store Front and Banner Design

Branding is important no matter where you’re selling your products… even if it’s on Etsy, Amazon, or the newly launched Handmade at Amazon.

Is your shop well branded? Here are some tips on why and how to brand your shop.

1. Visual Presence

Most online selling platforms have options for storefront banners, shop photos, logos, and even owner photos. Use these to show off some of the unique elements of your shop. Take photographs of your work space, your preferred materials (for handmade items), store rooms, or your employees at work. Be sure to use the correct file size when uploading your images. A stretched or distorted image won’t make the right impression on your clients!

2. Voice

About pages, product descriptions, and shop policies are opportunities for you to develop a brand voice, connect with your sellers, and let them get to know you a bit.

Make sure to write an about page and shop story.  It’s likely your sellers won’t ever communicate with you beyond a handful of emails. But for a lot potential clients, getting to know the face behind the shop is an important step in converting them from just ‘favoriting’ your products to purchasing your products. Use these resources to let them get to know you a bit.

Write detailed product descriptions. Your clients can’t see, touch, or evaluate your products for themselves. So be detailed. Don’t just tell your clients why it’s special, but also tell them what it is, what it’s made of, how it’s made, what it’s size is, and how to care for it.

State your policies. Don’t skip this! It doesn’t seem as interesting at first glance, but people want to know for sure that you will deliver. Include information on payment, shipping, and refund and return policies.

3. Finishing Touches

Want to leave a lasting impression with your client? Finding ways to uniquely package your products, or adding a special note with a delivery, is a great way to encourage a memorable and satisfactory customer experience. This can also be a great time to ask for client feedback on your shop and services.


Take full advantage of these opportunities and create a shop environment and buyer experience that is unique, satisfactory, and original.


If you’re ready to improve your shops image and voice, contact us to see how we can help, and check out this one that we’ve already worked on. Or for more reading, find out why strong branding is so important to any business or learn how to create a brand identity for your shop.


What are your thoughts on creating a successful brand identity for your online shop?