The ETHER Transmitter Is Now Live On IndieGoGo!

ETHER Transmitter and Wireless Charging Case

The ETHER Transmitter by ETHER Electronics is the first low-latency pro-audio all-in-one bluetooth 1/4″ adapter. It lets users instantly share wireless audio with any bluetooth capable earbuds, headphones or speakers. This is what the DJ community has been waiting for.

“We noticed an ongoing trend of wired headphones in the DJ community, then thought amongst ourselves, “There has to be a solution available on the market…” Only to find consumer grade transmitters – which offers terrible latency issues that haven’t been resolved for the music performers,” says founder and CEO Braxton Tomasello, “It became our goal to bring a functional low-latency transmitter into the market, and change the game forever.”

ETHER Transmitter - Just Plug It In and Play
ETHER Transmitter-  The first Pro-Audio Bluetooth Transmitter

Check out our campaign to see what we’ve been working on.

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