Recent Project: Brand Collateral for Ben Brooks

Ben Brooks, with B2 Professional Services, is a business advisor based in NYC. He offers one-to-one business coaching and consulting to help individuals reach their goals, and speaks at conferences nationwide. Since we began working together in 2013, I’ve had the privilege of crafting several branding and design pieces for him.


One of the first pieces I created for Ben was his Logo Mark. Here’s a look at my initial sketch for the design:

Ben Brooks Initial Logo Sketch


Ben wanted an icon that represented the business name, B2 Professional Services Inc., and that could be used alongside or separately from his own name. I created a custom font to put his name forward in bold letters, and then used it as the foundation for the icon.


Ben Brooks Finished Logo


Business Cards

After the Logo was finalized, I incorporated it into a new business card design. The finished cards were formatted to be printed by, in a unique size offered through Moo’s site.
Ben Brooks Business Card Design


Web Graphics

I was later brought in to design some graphics for Ben’s newly rebuilt website, including a series of client testimonials images.

Ben Brooks Web Graphics Ben Brooks Client Testimonial Graphics


Take a look at Ben Brooks’ website to see the logo and web graphics up and in use, or check out some of my other logo, business card, and web design portfolios to see how I can help your business stand out!