PILOT Client Story

PILOT Launch

PILOT is a NYC based company aimed at helping people command their careers and improve satisfaction in the workplace. The company brings career coaching, previously only available through one-on-one sessions, to individuals in a convenient and easy-to-use platform. Their goal is to use focused, real-world advice to empower individuals to invest in their careers and find fulfillment in their work environment.

PILOT approached me towards the end of last year to help their team prepare for it’s launch in May. I’d previously worked with Ben Brooks, (B2 Professional Services) the founder and CEO of PILOT, and was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with him and his team on another project. As part of the pre-launch stage, I was asked to design several brand collateral and branded web design pieces.

PILOT Brand Collateral

The brand collateral package for PILOT was composed of several elements. I designed some standard pieces, such as business card sets for six employees, email signatures, customized power point templates, a letterhead, and announcement templates. I was also brought on to help with some unique elements of their brand image, such as a sticky note campaign, a value and attribute guide sheet for their employees, and a brand strategy book for promoting the goals and purposes of PILOT.

Announcement templates for sharing news and opportunities easily across social media:


The Sticky Note Campaign was designed specifically for sharing inspiring quotes in a way that was cohesive with PILOT’s image.


The brand strategy book and value and attribute guide sheet were designed to help PILOT employees keep in sync with the values of the company and the goals and desires of their clients. This set of tiles (eight in total- check out the PILOT Story to see the rest) was created to showcase these values on their website.

05 Capable_PILOT_Icon
03 Activating_PILOT_Icon
02 Inspiring_PILOT_Icon
01 Impactful_PILOT_Icon

PILOT Online

I was also asked to collaborate with their team on the design of several web design pieces. This included designing and formatting their social media branding, creating their favicon, and designing branded images and icons for their site.

LinkedIn Mockup

Twitter Mockup


You can check out PILOT’s site if you’re interested in finding out more about their Job Renovator program.

Or, contact me to get started on a new branding project for your own business!