Recent Project: Partial Rebrand for Virtual Advisor

Virtual Advisor is a team of designers, writers, programmers, and producers who work together to create educational video workshops aimed to provide individuals with relevant business advice. Their courses cover a broad range of business related topics, from planning finances, to developing a brand, to running a profitable company. The workshops they produce are used by dozens of businesses and organizations such as VISA, Capital One, University of Pennsylvania, and the United States Small Business Administration. These companies offer Virtual Advisor’s customized video workshops to educate their clients and provide business advise that is relevant to their specific industry.

Last year the team at Virtual Advisor approached me about doing a partial rebrand their company—they needed a new logo with variations, a fresh color palette, and corresponding font packages to use across their materials. They also asked me to design some sponsorship flyers and to create a new design for the video interface as they were preparing to release a new training series.

I began by designing their logo which needed to be clean and simple enough to go with anything while also looking very professional and slightly classic. I chose to design it as a word mark and created a custom font. I also provided them with a letter mark icon variation to use separately from the rest of the logo design.

Virtual Advisor's Icon

Virtual Advisor also specifically wanted branding for their new video workshop “New Rules Business”.  I incorporated their newly created logo design into this logo lock-up for the series.

New Rules Business Logo

As part of the brand development, I provided Virtual Advisor with a professional and approachable color palette. The palette specifically needed to be calm and slightly subdued, to keep the focus of the website on the video materials. I also provided them with a complete font package to compliment the custom typeface I had developed for the logo.


VA Brand Colors


NRB Sponsorship Flyer

Once the new tone for the company brand had been set, I focused on recreating the look and functionality of their video workshop interface (shown below) and incorporating the new branding it into some marketing materials, including this double-sided sponsorship flyer to help fund their “New Rules Business” workshop (shown above).

New Video Workshop Interface