Storms Chiropractic and Wellness

Storms Chiropractic & Wellness

“When your body’s structure is good, your function will be good.”

Storms Chiropractic and Wellness treats patients based on the foundation that structure equals function. They specialize in delivering precise health adjustments to help their patients achieve wellness and facilitate lasting healing.

Through their chiropractic and therapeutical services, they are providing relief from pain and stress and improving the quality of their clients’ lives.

Storms Chiropractic & Wellness reached out to me during the start-up phase of their business to provide a logo, color palette, and brand collateral. The design elements needed to clearly represent the values of the chiropractic and wellness industries, but we also wanted to create a unique brand experience to set Storms apart from their competitors. We achieved this through working an abstract spinal cord into the leaves of the logo design, and using fresh hues of blue and green for the primary brand colors.

As the practice has grown and thrived, we have worked together to create a series of brand collateral pieces, including employee business cards, appointment reminders, coupons, gift certificates, and a series of informational tri-fold brochures. The print pieces all reflect a fresh, open design and maintain the company’s peaceful tone.

Storms’ brand image is now supporting their mission to provide the highest quality chiropractic and therapeutic healing!

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Storms Chiropractic & Wellness
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Storms Chiropractic Logo Design

Storms Chiropractic and Wellness Business Card Design
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Storms Chiropractic Acupuncture and Esthetician Tri-fold Brochures

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