Video Series Part 2 | Raster vs. Vector — What’s the Difference?

As a small business owner, you will likely find yourself working with logo files, web graphics and print layouts on a regular basic. It’s therefore important to understand the different types of files, color codes and graphic formats so you will know how best to you them. Not all file types and color codes are created equal, and not all … Read More

Fresh Color Palette Inspiration for Your Next Project

Summer is a great time for working on projects! Whether you’re designing flyers, putting together event invitations, or painting your house— having a color palette in mind is always helpful. Take a look at some of these nature-inspired color schemes for ideas on your next project. 1. Mountain Tones 2. Sonoma County Spring 3. Autumn Day 4.Coastal Blues 5. Vibrant … Read More

Social Media Branding Templates

Social Media Branding Templates

It’s easy to forget about social profiles when creating your branding, but your social media presence (both personal and business pages) is often at the forefront of your public image. It’s how many people find your business, and where existing customers will continue to engage with your brand. I’ve compiled a series of templates to help with creating great social … Read More

What are CMYK, PMS, and RGB?

What are CMYK, PMS & RGB?

Knowing your brand colors and how to use them properly is key to maintaining your brand image. One shade of green can be absolutely, 100% different from another shade of green. And, we all know, the two can definitely look pretty bad side by side if the shades aren’t right. So how do you develop consistency in brand colors? The best place … Read More

4 Major Typefaces and Where to Use Them

4 Major Typefaces and Where to Use Them

Typography is one of the most important elements of design. It’s the words you see on a page; it’s the letters your name appears in. Typography takes a design from conveying subliminal messages through color and images, to stating a clear and definite title, mission or goal. Every part of brand design — from the color palette you use across your media and the style of your … Read More

Brand Collateral: What It Is and How to Use It

What is Brand Collateral

What is brand collateral? And why is it important to your business? Brand collateral is a collection of design pieces that support and promote the ideas, values, and personality of your brand. Here’s a list of some common collateral pieces: logo website business cards social media (written updates with graphics, banners, icons, avatar, etc.) brochures, flyers, sell sheets folders, letterheads, envelopes product packaging + tags apparel Depending on your industry, … Read More

6 Brochure Fold Types and How to Use Them

6 Brochure Fold Types and How To Use Them

Brochures are one of the most practical and effective pieces of brand collateral. They’re a great way to share information and promote your business, and also extremely versatile. From business presentations and promotional pieces, to step-by-step tutorials and event programs, brochures can handle almost any situation. There are a lot of fold options available for brochures, and picking the right one for your specific needs … Read More

What is an Interactive Site — Article by the Matrix Group

What is an Interactive Site

I talk to a lot of clients about the importance of having an interactive website. But what exactly is that? Basically any site that takes visitors beyond browsing text and viewing pictures is considered interactive. An interactive website engages readers with activities such as filling out forms, making transactions, playing games, or submitting stories, photos or comments. If you want to read more about an interactive website, … Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

3 Reasons Why You Need A Website

With millions of people across the world accessing the web with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, websites have become an essential to large and small businesses alike. Why are websites so necessary?  Because having a website—a good, interactive website—will increase your business’s visibility, credibility, and accessibility. It will enable you to add a personal touch to your business and engage with your clientele, … Read More