Print Design Vocabulary Everyone Should Know

Print Markings

If you’ve done any work with print design, chances are pretty high that you’ve run into some interesting terms. Like ‘slugs’, and ‘gutters’, and ‘bleeds’. But what exactly do these terms mean? Here’s a list of some common print vocabulary that will be helpful either if you’re looking to have something printed professionally or are planning to print it from your office. … Read More

3 Tips for Branding Your Etsy Shop

Etsy Store Front and Banner Design

Branding is important no matter where you’re selling your products… even if it’s on Etsy, Amazon, or the newly launched Handmade at Amazon. Is your shop well branded? Here are some tips on why and how to brand your shop. 1. Visual Presence Most online selling platforms have options for storefront banners, shop photos, logos, and even owner photos. Use these to show … Read More

3 Reasons Why Strong Branding Is So Important

Every business, big and small, international and local, benefits from strong branding. Why is branding so important?  1. Branding = How Clients Perceive You Branding is how your clients get to know your company. Not just your products or services, but who your company actually is. This is accomplished through visual and vocal branding. Your logo, color palette, website, and marketing … Read More