How to Use Clearspace in Logo Design

Blackberry Clearspace

What is clearspace in logo design? And why do you need it?

Clearspace is the the area immediately surrounding the logo which is specifically designated to be free of any text or graphics. This space essentially gives breathing room to the logo, and shows the design in the best possible light.

The size of a clear space is generally scaled to the logo, rather than being a fixed width and height. The dimensions of the space are often equal to the height of the logo, or the height of a design element in the logo. Let’s take a look at some examples of how clearspace is determined and used in logo design.

In this style guide I recently developed, I used the height of the “E” in Ether as the height and width of the clear space.


Ether ClearspaceWhile clearspace is often underestimated, or neglected altogether, it really is a very important part of design. Utilizing adequate clear space ensures that your logo has optimal visibility and makes the greatest impact. Below is a good example of a logo with insufficient clearspace… it  becomes difficult to even determine what the logo is, or where is stops. Instead of making an impact, it gets lost in the busyness.

insufficient Clearspace

Does your logo design incorporate an ample amount of clearspace?