3 Reasons Why Strong Branding Is So Important

Every business, big and small, international and local, benefits from strong branding.

Why is branding so important? 

1. Branding = How Clients Perceive You

Branding is how your clients get to know your company. Not just your products or services, but who your company actually is. This is accomplished through visual and vocal branding. Your logo, color palette, website, and marketing materials give your audience something to relate to visually. Your product descriptions, customer service, blog posts, and even 401 pages are all part of your vocal branding—they give your company a personality and voice that your clients can get to know. Whether you’re trendy or classic, formal or casual, superior quality or budget-friendly, your branding gives your audience a clear idea of who you are and what to expect from you.

2. Branding = Recognition

It’s as simple as this—branding sets you apart on the market.  There will always be competition in business, but thoroughly branding your company is a sure way to promote awareness of your business and create a relationship of trust and recognition with your clients. Having a cohesive brand experience encourages your customers to return to you for future needs. And let’s face it- we all know that it’s easier to tell friends about the amazing new Apple device than to tell them about that amazing new gadget by someone who’s name we can’t remember. Branding makes it easier for your clients to remember and return to you, and easier for them to spread the word about your business.

3. Branding = More Valuable Products and Services

That’s right. Having a cohesive brand actually increases the value of your products and services. How? Because your clients will be willing to pay more for your brand if they recognize it, know it, and trust it. You’ve made a promise of a certain type of quality, and your brand visually reminds your audience of that promise. 

Branding is a promise of quality to your clients, a reminder of who you are and what they are can expect from you when they choose you. Is your branding working to it’s full potential for your business?

Take a look at some of my work for branding inspiration, or contact me today to put a new branding plan in motion!

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